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Miracles in the City is the country’s first destination (www.miraclesinthecity.com) for high-end products, services and directory of all things beauty. For men and women, beauty conscious individuals of sorts, Miracles in the City is a site where you can buy a shampoo, book your next appointment, blog, catch up on the latest salon gossip, order online, pick up at our site or deliver to you locally. As a family business, we serve our local community in NOVA and Washington DC areas, and now wish to share our experiences with our global community.

We live and breathe the beauty industry...

Having been in business for over fifteen years, we live and breathe the beauty industry. Miracles has seen trends come and go and engaged with thousands of people. We can tell you where to go, where to live, what to do, advice, insider info, specials, coupons and so on. If you have questions, we have answers.