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Our Miracles Oil Treatment will leave your hair silky smooth and lustrous. We will massage our Miracles Hair Oil into your hair from roots to ends to quench your hairs' thirst. Your hair will be sectioned, and each section will be meticulously wrapped in foil. Each foiled section will be tapped with a hot flat iron. As the foil heats up quickly and conducts heat, it quickly opens up the hair cuticle so that each strand can absorb the hydrating oil. The foil then cools back down quickly along with the hair shaft, sealing in our Miracles Hair Oil. You are promptly shampooed and conditioned in the back, with results that will leave you wanting more. Blowdry included.

Buy it now for $70!

*Our Miracles Hair Oil can be purchased in the salon and online for home use.

- No animal cruelty
- No synthetic colors or fragrance

A deep conditioning treatment for hair and scalp created by Olympia, used in the salon daily. A natural remedy for scalp and hair. Developed and tested over a ten year period in our salon.
Great for all hair types. This lovely remedy combines seven rich oils that soothe, protect and strengthen. Use often for fuller glossier hair. In our modern world, hair and scalp problems are often associated with environmental factors such as 1. air and water pollution 2. harsh chemicals in shampoo/conditioners 3. chemicals in our food supply
Try this product to revitalize scalp, revive hair, increase blood circulation to the scalp, promote hair growth, moisturize dry skin, and improve overall appearance.

INGREDIENTS: Olive oil, soybean oil, Jojoba oil, Avocado oil, Grapeseed oil, Evening primrose oil, and Lavender organic essential oil