Join Miracles for Discounts and Specials on Beauty and Haircare Products

While you don’t have to join the Miracles website to experience all that it has to offer, our goal is to create value by allowing customers to prepay for services. Your prepayment of $599 per year will enroll you into an exclusive membership with Membership offers substantial long-term savings at our salon, along with other unique benefits:

  • Your own personal hairstylist at your beck and call, and free of charge.
  • A 10% discount on all hairstyling products that we keep in store. Along with free delivery to your residence (locals only)
  • An exclusive e-mail communication reserved for members that showcases rare items of limited availability, as they become available. Non-members will never see what you see
  • A monthly newsletter with “for members only” offers along with free advice on styling and unique stories that continue every month
  • The chance to join us on expeditions to far off lands, to help pick out new and unique items to feature on the website*
  • 5% of your membership will go towards providing the monetary resources needed for third world to continue creating beautiful, vibrant and imaginative items


*Discounts on expeditions are extended as a benefit. The expedition is not free or wholly included in the yearly membership.

*Appointments are subject to availability. Please book your appointments online to ensure service.

*Walk-ins are not acceptable.

Disclaimer: members can have unlimited haircuts for one year. No refunds and not cash redeemable. This service is for haircuts only, which includes a wash and blow-dry (no flat iron). Note: this does not include appointments for a wash and blow-dry only. A haircut must be provided (bang trim is not considered a haircut).