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Relax. Clear your mind. Experience the ultimate indulgence you know you deserve in the privacy and comfort of your own home, place of business or hotel room. With Miracles Mobile Spa- Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia’s top luxury mobile spa- never worry again about spoiling an hour or half-day’s worth of tranquility and beauty preparation by having to leave the salon, get caught in traffic and drive all the way back to your destination. Let us have the pleasure in coming directly to you and let you focus on getting ready and feeling rejuvenated with our individually tailored services.

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About Us

Miracles has been in business for over 15 years and currently has over 3,500 clients in the NOVA and DC area. Our stylists have over 42 years of experience and we offer luxury beauty treatments 7-days a week. We specialize in hair, make-up, nails, wax, facial treatments and even offer traditional services for men. Miracles Mobile Spa is ideal for your bridal party, corporate or private event, birthday/anniversary and even every day luxury papering in your neighborhood in Virginia and DC. Our friendly and professional stylists arrive at your doorstep with everything you need for your special day. So if it's Miracles Mobile Spa for one or for a group of friends, just remember that the treatment you'll receive was simply worth it.

Call us right now at 703.582.6610 // 1 888 554 CITY to schedule an appointment and start getting pampered right away.

Client Referrals:

"Miracles Mobile Spa is the best thing that has ever come to the NoVA area. Now I can get my nails done in the middle of the week without having to get stuck in traffic on 66."
–Christy, Herndon, Va.

"Very professional and friendly staff...loved the up-do."
–Maureen, Arlington, Va.

"Finally, a company that offers waxing services in the privacy of my own home... it's embarrassing for a man to go to a salon for this type of service but this discretion is great."
–Mike, Washington, D.C.

"Definitely will recommend my girlfriends to use Miracles Mobile Spa for their weddings too. Thanks to them, I was able to get ready for my own wedding directly at the church on time. Oh-and I looked fabulous!"
– Stephanie, McLean, Va.


Miracles Mobile Spa is ideal for the busy executive, bride-to-be or event host in need of service on-site; the stay-at-home mother who doesn't want to drag her kids to the salon; the out-of-town guest getting ready for a night out; and those individuals- men and women, groups and couples – who want to be pampered and styled in the privacy of their own place. We also cater to many hotels, wedding parties, executives and embassies in the area where quality and satisfaction are our number one priority.

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Our products are environmentally friendly and not harsh on your hair or skin.


Minimum Charge & Cancellation Disclaimer

Due to high gas prices, Miracles Mobile Spa requires a minimum of $75 to go to your location. We also serve the Washington, D.C. area including Northern Virginia and Maryland (within 25 minutes of DC). Should you require us to go to a location further than these areas, please don't hesitate to contact us and ask. All cancellations are required 24-hours in advance. Should you be unable to cancel within 24-hours, Miracles Mobile Spa will charge you full price for services missed.

Tel. 1 888 554 CITY // E-mail:


Party Make-Up

If you've got a date straight after work, then it's unlikely that you're going to be able to start from scratch where your make-up's concerned. And while you might be tempted to take it all off and start again, there's absolutely no need to. You can transform your daytime look into one that's not only appropriate for the evening, but will guarantee you get noticed for all the right reasons.

However, just because it's an evening date, there's no need to go overboard with your make-up – you still want to look like you! It's always best to apply make-up in good natural light, so there's light left in the day then apply your make-up by a window using a hand-held mirror. Your foundation would have worn off a little during the day so re-apply it; but don't slather on a new thick layer on top of what's already there as you will look unnatural, and that isn't what you want. Your look should still be natural, just a little fresher. For an evening look, concentrate on either your eyes or your mouth, not both; this way you avoid these features competing with one other. If you want to accentuate your eyes then keep your lips muted and vice versa.

For the smoky-eyed look apply black eyeliner close to the top and bottom lashes and then use your fingertips to blend it a little so it looks “smudged.” Then use a cream shimmer shadow in a muddy dark color on the edges of the lower and upper lids, again using your fingertips to achieve a smudged look. You don't have to be precise for this look as it's meant to appear a little worn in and smoky. Finish off with dark brown or black mascara. Use a light-colored lipstick or just a gloss on your lips.

If you prefer to opt for strong, dramatic lips—this look especially suits women with a pale complexion – then tone down everything else on your face. Apply a light- colored matt shadow to your eyelids and a very light blush to your cheeks. Use a striking red or a hot pink lipstick and then set your make-up with translucent powder: apply lipstick then lightly brush powder over your lips before applying a final coat.

Once your look is complete, apply a final fix to your make-up with a hydrating spray so it lasts the evening. You've now created a great evening look with the minimum of effort. What next, a perfect outfit for a night out? offers stylish, beautiful, and comfortable Fashions made 'exclusively' from manufacturers in the USA at well below 'high fashion' retailing pricing.