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Miracles Hair Oil
Hair Treatment Oil 4oz
$ 30.00
miracles hair and scalp oil. my magnum opus.

No animal cruelty
No synthetic colors or fragrance

A deep conditioning treatment for hair and scalp created by Olympia, used in the salon daily. A natural remedy for scalp and hair. Developed and tested over a ten year period in our salon. This olive oil based formula can be used before coloring to reduce dryness, as a massage skin oil or before you shave or shower as a moisturizer.

Great for all hair types. This lovely remedy combines seven rich oils that soothe, protect and strengthen. Use often for fuller glossier hair. In our modern world, hair and scalp problems are often associated with environmental factors such as
1. air and water pollution
2. harsh chemicals in shampoo/conditioners
3. chemicals in our food supply
Try this product to revitalize scalp, revive hair, increase blood circulation to the scalp, promote hair growth, moisturize dry skin, and improve overall appearance.

Directions: massage onto scalp and apply on dry hair. Leave on for 30 minutes or overnight and shampoo out. External use only.

Please contact Olympia@miraclesinthecity.com for any feedback or comments on the hair oil.

Price: $25

Guarantee: If not completely happy, 100% money back guarantee


OLIVE OIL (Olea Europea): Olive oil is fruit oil from the olive tree, a tree of the Mediterranean basin. Homer called this oil, “liquid gold,” rich in anti-oxidant properties and oleic acids. It also contains very high amounts of polyphenols, which are anti-oxidants. Olive oil has been used for medicine and skin care for centuries. In ancient times athletes actually rushed it all over their body for strength and holistic rituals.

SOYBEAN OIL, Eu-non GMO (Glycine Soja): Glycine is a Greek word meaning sweet and soja meaning coarse. The plant was cultivated in Eastern Asia for 3000 years, for their protein, oil and healthier content which make it a wonderful moisturizer. Rich in unsaturated fat acid sterols, vitamins A, E and K. Our European Union oil is a non genetically modified organism. Also not treated or exposed to any chemical pesticides during storage. It softens skin, moisturizes and contains antioxidant properties.

JOJOBA OIL (Simmondsia Chinesis): An oil that comes from a shrub that grows well in the desert of California, Arizona and Mexico. Highly regarded by native Americans for its ability to heal the skin. It has been used to treat eye and throat infections and skin disorders. The oil is similar to our own sebum and helps to lubricate and protect our skin and hair. It contains proteins and minerals as well as a substance similar to collagen. It is very expensive because it takes 1200 trees to produce on pound of nuts, which yields only 50% oil.

AVOCADO OIL (Persea Gratissima): From the Greek word for “Persia” (tree) and the Latin word gratissima (very pleasing). The avocado tree originates from the suptropical Americas. At one time it was believed to be an aphrodisiac. It has been used to stimulate hair growth and may mobilize and increase the collagen of connective tissue. It contains high concentrations of vitamins A, D and E. Soothes sensitive skin, especially scaly skin and scalp. A very high skin penetration rate and has been ranked best sunscreen by the encyclopedia of chemical technology when compared to natural oils.

GRAPESEED OIL (Vitis Vinifera): From the Latin words “vinifera” or winebearing and “vitis” meaning wine. This oil is low in saturated fats and rich in vitamins, minerals, protein and GIA. It aids in skin penetration, preserves skin moisture and helps strengthen tissue cells.

EVENING PRIMROSE OIL, Virgin 10% + GIA, (Oeonothera Biennis): An essential fatty acid, this plant originated in North America and came to Europe in the 1600’s. This natural oil is high in Gamma-lanolin acid and very beneficial in the treatment of psoriasis, acne, PMS and cramps. All parts of the evening Primrose plat are edible. Young roots may be eaten hot or cold. It is very common in the Mediterranean to be used as a wrinkle reducer in home-made creams and potions.

LAVENDER ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OIL (Lavandula Angustifolia): One of the best essential oils. It is popular for its calming effects. It reduces stress, tension and depression. The lavender originates from France.